Call for Papers

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Constructionism and Creativity
Theory and practice of constructionist learning with due respect to creativity.

Conference Topics
Creativity and Learning
Constructionist learning at school
Constructionism in teacher education
Constructionism in music and art
Constructionism pioneers (dedicated to Wally Feurzeig)
Constructionist technologies
Constructionist learning experiences
Constructionist epistemology
Informal learning
Concepts learning

All submissions should contain original work that is not published elsewhere. All submissions will be reviewed. All contributions should be in the realm of the conference topics. Special attention will be given to the creativity aspect.
All submissions should be uploaded to the conference system ConfDriver, see conference website. Accepted submissions will be printed in conference proceedings and will be available after the conference as online proceedings.

Submission Types
Research Papers (10 pages maximum)
Authors are invited to submit original research in relevant areas of constructionism. These papers should contain a clear problem statement, should explain the used method, how they arrive to their conclusions and what the results mean. Related work should be shortly discussed.
Practice Papers (6 pages maximum)
Description and discussion of best practice in different areas of teaching and learning using constructionist principles.
Plenary Papers
Some of the best Research and Practice Papers with a more general view will be selected by the Programme Committee as Plenary Papers.
Panel Discussions (2 pages maximum)
Description and background of a topic with different views and prospects. Proposal of possible panelists.
Demonstrations (2 pages maximum)
Description of new interesting tools, methods or prototypes that can be used in constructionist learning. A demonstration at the conference will last 30 minutes.
Workshops (2 pages maximum)
90 minutes slots are dedicated to workshops. The participants should be highly involved in the workshop activities. Aim of a workshop is to gain practical experience in methods and tools.
Posters (2 pages maximum)
New ideas, work in progress, relevant academic theses can be presented at posters. A text about the poster will be published in the proceedings.

Submission Deadline April 27th 2014 (extended)
Notification May 10th 2014
Camera Ready May 31st 2014

Special issue of Informatics in Education Journal (selected research papers) and Proceedings published by Austrian Computer Society (OCG) in books@OCG series and online proceedings.